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Geese, red cabbage, celeriac and potato mash, poached pear, sauted chestnuts. Another meal for our Christmas-in-July-in-August fest.

Goose is such a great roast, with tender gamy meat, close in flavour to a really good duck, yet still quite distinct from it. I wish it were more common around here in Australia, and also somewhat cheaper - it would make it quite regularly onto our dinner table. Given how frequent it is to see geese in the countryside I wonder where all these geese end up!?!

It was quite  hard to find a goose in Sydeny, and the only ones I found (from Sam the butcher in Bondi) were only 2.5kg - the size of a large duck (but twice as expensive :/). Being more familiar with geese twice that size I had to get two of these to cater for 8, but also I planned about three hours for them to be ready, and couldn’t believe my meat thermometer when it appeared they were readyafter only 35 minutes in the oven - cause for an unexpectedly early dinner…

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