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Dinner at Sepia

Exceptional, brilliant, complicated creations executed with extreme precision bordering on perfection. Every one of the eleven courses was an accomplished piece of art, with beautiful (and often unexpected) harmonies of flavours, culinary rhymes laid upon contrasts of textures. Every detail here has been worked on over and over again so as to reach the ultimate course the ingredients can provide. 

The final course, “winter chocolate forest” (pictured at the top, soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond, orange and thyme cream, sour cherry sorbet, cocoa brandy jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs), is also the most memorable, with the sourness of the sorbet cutting through the richness and bitterness of chocolate, and the subtle effervescence and umami of licorice and tannins of green tea adding complexity. Beethoven on the palate. Wagner too was covered, with the incredible richness of the charcoal grilled wagyu rump being completed by the brass sections of sea urchin and wasabi butter, garlic chive, mustard leaves, ponzu. So rich in flavour one would almost want to skip the optional cheese course.